What is CPPC?

Community/Neighborhood Networking

Purpose:  Promote community involvement and collaboration for more formal and informal supports to create safety nets for children who are at risk of abuse and neglect.

2014 Fiscal Year Community Networking Goals:

  • Market/Promote CPPC and community-based child abuse prevention to the general public, focusing on reducing ACEs and building Protective Factors, in order to improve community awareness and buy-in.
  • Co-mingle County Planning Councils with existing Interagency Meetings and/or Child Abuse Prevention Councils as much as possible.
  • Complete and market a Quad-County CPPC website that serves community members, community groups, and agencies.
  • Continue to partner with ECI to support the development of the Regional Parent Council.

As a part of Community Networking, any family/children serving agencies are invited to a monthly Interagency meeting to share programming information and needs as well as to increase awareness of informal supports available within the communities in hopes that these service providers can better connect their clients to the resources they need to be successful.

Interagency Meeting Dates/Times:

Des Moines County:  Second Monday of the Month @ Noon at the Great River AEA, 3601 West Avenue in Burlington.

Henry County:  Third Thursday of the Month @ Noon Henry County Extension Office, 127 N. Main St., Mt. Pleasant

Lee County:  Fourth Wednesday of the Month @ Noon Rotates between:  Ogo’s Restaurant, 3753 Main Street, Keokuk  And The Palms Restaurant, Ft. Madison

Louisa County:  First Thursday of the Month @ 8:45, Louisa County Extension Office, 317 Van Buren Street, Wapello