How YOU can help


Your  time, skills, knowledge, connections, and care are all needed!  Here are some ideas for just about everyone on how to help – it really does “take a village”.

Individuals can volunteer in a child-serving program, serve on Child Abuse Prevention Councils, talk to a struggling mom at the grocery store or offer to babysit a neighbor’s child after school.  If you have suspicion regarding the safety of a child, it’s important to report it!  Make the anonymous phone call to 1-800-362-2178.

Schools and other youth-serving organizations can get connected to community efforts and agencies that work with families and children, assist prevention programs with referrals through their access to families and children, perform background checks of anyone working around/with children, and offer child abuse prevention training opportunities to their staff and volunteers.

Faith-based organizations and civic groups can volunteer for local prevention projects, screen and train volunteers and staff that will work with families, provide space for activities, programs and advertising for child abuse programming, and begin family support programs and services.

Businesses can adopt family-friendly practices and policies such as childcare assistant or family sick time.  They can choose to pay individuals a living wage and connect their workers to services and education through their Human Resource Departments.

PinwheelTo raise awareness, everyone has the opportunity to participate in or create activities around the Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign, Blue Out Day, and Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month in April.

With Community Partnerships for Protecting Children, all are welcome and needed!  No child welfare experience is expected… just the desire to do what you can for the kids in your community!